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Selenium Salt Brick

Selenium Salt Brick

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Selenium Salt Brick
Acts as an anti-oxidant with all of the benefits of trace materials, plus 20 ppm of selenium.
- Formulated for cattle and horses, selenium is added as a preventative measure against paralysis, heart failure, nutritional muscular dystrophy (whit3e muscular disease) and reduced reproductive performance in older beef animals.
- Appropriate for use in selenium deficient areas, which include the Northwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Atlantic states.
- Durable, weather resistant 4 lb. bricks packaged in plastic to extend shelf life. Designed for easy placement in RotoSalt brick holders.
- Offer this as the only choice of free choice salt to cattle and horses. Allow the cattle and horses access to hay or other forages to meet their daily intake requirement of forage dry mater. Place near an adequate water supply.
- Sheep are susceptible to copper deficiency and copper toxicosis. Do not feed to sheep due to high copper content in this brick.
Ingredients: Salt, Mineral Oil, Zinc Oxide, Maganous Oxide, Copper Oxide, Copper Sulfate, Cobalt Carbonate, Calcium Iodate, and Sodium Selenite.
15-4 lb bricks/case

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