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Silo Guard 2 Silage Fermentation Aid 50 Lb Bag Dry

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Silo Guard is the new way to treat all your silages and baled hay. Silo Guard is not an inoculant or acid. Silo Guard uses a patented combination of sulfur compounds and enzymes to promote the healthy fermentation of silage. Silo Guard makes baled hay greener and more nutritious, while allowing hay to be baled up to 25% moisture.

Silo Guard is the most effective forage additive on the market today with over 20 years of University and Government research.

Find out how you can get a 7 to 1 return on your investment with Silo Guard today!


Available sizes

50 Lb Jug treats 25 Tons

50 Lb Bags Dry

550 Lb Drum Treats 275 Tons

3,300 Lb Tote Treats 1,650 Tons




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