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SoyChlor 50 Lb Bags

SoyChlor 50 Lb Bags

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The freshening period should be an exciting time when dairy producers can look forward to a new generation of productive cows. But too often it can result in a financial drain when cows suffer a drop in their blood calcium and magnesium levels at calving, triggering significant losses and veterinary bills. Now you can do something about it.

Balancing the Dietary Cation Anion Difference (DCAD) has long been an effective way to prevent sub-clinical hypocalcemia. Yet adding calcium-mobilizing anions to the ration through traditional anionic salts has proven unsatisfactory due to palatability. That's not a problem with SoyChlor®.

Introduced by Landus Cooperative in 1997, SoyChlor was designed to assist pre-fresh dairy cows with DCAD balancing and reducing instances of subclinical hypocalcemia as well as clinical milk fever.

The proven consistency of SoyChlor makes inclusion of the chloride supplement in reduced-DCAD transition rations simple, safe and predictable. SoyChlor is subjected to routine third-party testing for nutrient content and the chloride content is verified every hour during manufacturing. Every manufactured lot receives at least one chloride test prior to bagging.

SoyChlor's unique ability to consistently deliver chloride while maintaining palatability has made it the preferred feed ingredient by dairy cows across the globe.

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