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Spirovac VL5

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Spirovac VL5

Spirovac VL5 is for the vaccination of healthy cattle over 4 weeks of age including pregnant cows and heifers, as an aid in the protection against vibrio plus five strains of lepto, including L. hardjo.

Dosing Instructions: administer 5 mL SQ or IM 4-6 weeks apart with booster given as necessary. In calves 4 weeks of age with a second dose 4-6 weeks later.

Recommendation: Revaccinate annually with a single dose, and include all bulls in program vaccination.

Safe for pregnant cows. 21 day withdrawal.

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  • Brand: Zoetis
  • Form: Injectable
  • Prevention Type: Reproductive
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Size: 250 mL



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