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X-Zelit 44 lb (Min order 5 bags)

X-Zelit 44 lb (Min order 5 bags)

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X-Zelit is an anticaking agent; containing Sodium Aluminosilicate.

X-Zelit binds dietary calcium in the diets of close up dry cows when fed for 14 days before calving as part of a low calcium diet. When the calcium absorbtion is blocked; the cow begins the process of withdrawaling and absorbing calcium reserves from her bones.

When calving begins the cow’s system for controlling calcium levels is fully activated and she is able to maintain a perfect balance throughout calving and into lactation.

One of the most important factors for providing a good start to lactation, is the calcium level around calving.

Calcium levels are crucial for proper muscle function and the immune system. Therefore, all levels differing from the optimum, will impair the cows health status and productivity.

Do not feed X-Zelit to lactating cows, since the lactating cows need to have available calcium in the diet for absorption in the digestive system. Calcium absorption in lactating cows is vital for milk production and for the health of the lactating cows.

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