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XT-20C Concentrate - Part A Long Lasting Chlorine Dioxide Concentrate

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XT BARRIER - Long Lasting Chlorine Dioxide Concentrate Pre-Dip


The XT Product Line provides assurance to dairy producers who require best-in-class mastitis protection and skin conditioning. It combines a two-part germicidal system for prolonged protection against pathogens with advanced skin conditioning to repair and maintain healthy teats year round. It’s the ideal solution for dairy producers looking to reduce both mastitis and hyperkeratosis (skin-thickening).

XT-20C Teat Dip

Economical and highly concentrated pre-dip. 

Thoroughly cleans teats and quickly kills bacteria. Includes three emollients for ideal skin conditioning. 

  • Remains active, with high levels of CLO2, for up to 5 days

    Manufactured By AgroChem, Saratoga Springs NY


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      Available in units of: 15 Gallon pails 55 Gallon  drums 265 Gallon drums.

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