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XT ARMOR - Part A Quick Dry Barrier Micro Film

XT ARMOR - Part A Quick Dry Barrier Micro Film

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XT - A two-part system designed to kill a broad spectrum of mastitis-causing pathogens and exfoliate rough teat ends

XT Teat Dip


The XT Product Line provides assurance to dairy producers who require best-in-class mastitis protection and skin conditioning. It combines a two-part germicidal system for prolonged protection against pathogens with advanced skin conditioning to repair and maintain healthy teats year round. It’s the ideal solution for dairy producers looking to reduce both mastitis and hyperkeratosis (skin-thickening).

    • Part I: Acidified Sodium Chlorite (ASC) quickly kills a broad spectrum of contagious and environmental pathogens known to cause mastitis, including Mycoplasma bovis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, as well as molds, yeasts and viruses.
    • Part II: A long-lasting secondary germicide picks up where ASC leaves off to keep killing harmful pathogens and prevent infection.

  • Delivers a long-lasting germicide to keep killing pathogens and prevent infection.
  • A rich blend of emollients and skin conditioning agents.
  • Remains effective even in the presence of high-pH organic matter.

Choose the XT solution that’s right for you.

XT Armor Teat Dip

The best defense against challenging bedding conditions.

Quick-dry microfilm barrier prevents high bacteria-load bedding from sticking to skin.

  • Dual-germicide system provides a quick kill and long-lasting protection
  • Dries in just 5-7 minutes to a sheer, non-stick coating
  • Brilliant orange marking

Manufactured By AgroChem, Saratoga Springs NY

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    Available in units of: 15 Gallon pails 55 Gallon drums 265 Gallon drums.

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