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Zinc Hydroxychloride Intellibond Z (Marshall, TX)

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May be used as feed additives and supplements.

The trace minerals (TMs) zinc, copper and manganese are components of a wide variety of enzymes and proteins that support metabolism, growth, production and reproduction.

TM supplements are added to dairy cattle rations to prevent mineral deficiencies, and supplementation has traditionally been provided in the form of inorganic salts, e.g. copper sulfate, zinc sulfate and zinc oxide.

All hydroxy TMs provided in the forms of basic copper chloride (54 percent copper), zinc hydroxychloride (55 percent zinc) and manganese hydroxychloride (44 percent) are manufactured from virgin food or feed-grade metal oxides as the starting raw materials.

Thus, they provide a high level of product purity combined with exceptionally high trace metal potency. They are non-hygroscopic (do not absorb water) and free of dust. They are non-oxidative; hence they have no negative effect on essential nutrients like vitamins, fats, etc.

These factors represent a significant improvement over sulfate forms of TMs given the known ability of sulfates to negatively impact vitamin integrity in mineral-containing supplements.

A primary benefit of hydroxy TMs is their ability to efficiently bypass the rumen, avoiding rumen antagonists that can severely degrade TM bioavailability.

This results in more TM being delivered to the bloodstream driving cow productivity and well-being at a price point well below current program alternatives.



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