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ZinPro 4-PLEX C Concentrated Trace Mineral Pack 55 Lb Bag

ZinPro 4-PLEX C Concentrated Trace Mineral Pack 55 Lb Bag

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Zinpro Performance Minerals® are known for being the most dependable, consistent and cost-effective trace mineral products available. And now, Zinpro Corporation introduces 4-Plex®C, the highest-concentrated 4-Plex product available with a carrier.


4-Plex®C provides 50% more space in feed pre-mixes and micro-ingredient machines, which means you save 50% in freight costs and approximately 50% in warehouse space. Talk about return.


4-Plex®C has unique, new characteristics that provide superior product handling and flow. Add in Zinpro’s patented MicroTracer® technology for feed tracking and accountability, and the result is what you’ve come to expect from the industry leader.


At Zinpro, we go to great lengths to consistently guarantee a positive return on investment from all our Performance Minerals. Expect no less from 4-Plex®C.

WARNING: This product contains high levels of copper. DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP OR RELATED SPECIES.

Toxicity and Safe Handling

When used correctly, there is no toxicity hazard in the use of 4-Plex®EQ. Store in a clean and dry environment. Follow label directions and rotate inventory to ensure fresh product.

4-Plex®C is manufactured by Zinpro Corporation, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 | USA. 4-Plex®EQ is manufactured and sold as 4-Plex-C in the U.S and Mexico. In all other markets, please contact your representative and ask for Availa®4.


Cost Per Bag is $FOB (Freight Cost on Buyer) US Dollars.(use Shipping Calculator Here)

Sold By FeedsForLess.Com Direct.

Mix And Match Available! Create your own custom Pallet of any type of 50 Lb Bag of Feed and save on shipping cost. A full Pallet is (40 to 50) 50 lb bags.


Cost Per Ton is $FOB (Freight Cost on Buyer) US Dollars.

Sold By FeedsForLess.Com Direct.

Feed Location is: 53562

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