Shipping Info


Shipping Info


NEW Carrier Spee Dee in the upper Midwest with Lower Rates!

  • If you are in WI,IA,MN,SD,ND,NE,IL and the Michigan UP and ST. Louis MO you can now buy most of our product's for a low flat rate.
  • Pallets up to 2,000 lbs for only $55.Parcel shipments up to 70 lbs in the same areas only pay a rate of $17.5 per package.
  • NOTE if you are residential and need a lift gate or hand unload you may be charged up to $20 for each of these additional services in addition to the $50 flat pallet rate with Spee Dee.

 Please Note Orders are often drop shipped from multiple locations, and Mix and match on a pallet is not always possible, and if items from different locations are added to a shopping cart you will get higher shipping prices than expected.

First try to add the items to the cart Separate, if the price is lower to ship and if you can select local delivery for less you can buy the items desperately one after the other. 

Pallet or Freight Shipping is often more economical over any order from one drop ship location that weights 500 plus Lbs, otherwise UPS and FedEx Ground would be the most economical.

Pallet shipping will cost more if your address is marked by USPS as residential, If this happens and you actually run a business there and have a way to unload pallet as most farms do please Email or call 608-616-4326  and we can manually put in the order for the lower business with loading dock price.


Please note in the check out the L is Representative of Lift gate service at delivery, and the R is Representative of an address that is  marked as Residential.


Bulk Grain/Shaving currently we supply bulk and mixed grain and feed as well as wood shavings and fertilizer by the semi load. Rates run about $2.75-$3.00 per loaded mile for 25-30 tons with dump trailer or Live/belt floor trailer. Auger trailer delivery runs about $3.5 per loaded mile in most areas.

We mostly serve this as an option in New York, Vermont, PA, Ohio but in particular for strait grain commodities we have suppliers that cover all of north america so just email us or call 608-616-4326. 



  • We are working to develop a distribution network where we can mix and match orders for anyone in the country and ship them up to 2500 lbs per pallet for $75 or less within 5 business days of the order.
  • Currently as a smaller startup with limited resources (people,money,volume, etc) we cannot always live up to our ambitions as of yet, in particular with customers not located in the Northeast US, We are located in Syracuse NY and have a good distribution system around ourselves.
  • We do and have shipped feeds & farm supplies from Maine to Cali, Florida, Washington state and all in between, but we use LTL services in these cases and currently with a good economy and a driver shortage relying on LTL services is often quite expensive and takes time to get accurate quotes and to actually ship, in particular for 1 time orders less the 2000 lbs but larger than 50 lbs. So if you purchase something online the shipping price paid in the checkout  may not be enough, if that is the case we will notify you ASAP and refund 100% of your purchase no questions asked.
  • Currently our Mix and match capability is growing and there are thousands we can get from manufactures and palletize and then ship out, but there are still hundreds of products we list that are make to order or we do not sell enough to justify inventorying, so they may not be available to mix and match, once again if that is the case we will notify you ASAPa nd refund 100% of the purchase cost no questions asked.
  • We will also advise you on similar other products such as generics and other brands that may be less expensive and also in our inventory.
  • Some good things to keep in mind to save on shipping costs are always try to fill a pallet (trucking companies are limited more by floor space then weight often) so any dense bagged feed 50 bags (2,500) lbs will cost us the same to ship as it would with 10 extra bags on top saving you money. Mix & Match bags and other products that we can put on top of the feed bags, the 20 bags of Milk replacer can cover most of the shipping cost of the calf pails, calf electrolytes,colostrum replacer, dairy sanitizer bag, and bunk silo cover you ordered for example. Order more at once, if you normally get 1 pallet of calf starter every 2 weeks it will be and 1 pallet of milk replacer every week and need 2 pallets of bale wrap for example, the more we can aggregate them and ship them at the same time the better the shipping rates can be, note the same goes for neighboring farms to try and buy orders at the same time, or we can set up a route of sorts.
  • We understand that most people expect delivery from e commerce within a few days like on Amazon, but understand that is all parcel shipping and our parcel orders just like Amazon we can get to you at low cost within a few days of ordering via UPS/FedEx/USPS but there is no similar service for large 500 lb plus orders Less than Load or LTL, and the LTL shipping companies will not let you go online and calculate a quote instead we need to call and email with all the details and weight for a freight broker to get quotes from people at the shipping companies, (this takes forever 5-10 business days is normal to get a quote back in average) this is why we envision having our own distribution network with local warehouses and mix&match/Pickup centers/stores and local delivery routes, but this is not yet the case so we must work with the old fashioned LTL system.
  • Any question email
  • WE will only be able to create this efficient low cost distribution system to help farmers save money on the supplies they need by farmers understanding this growing pains and still buying from us, you help us help you!