Seattle Farm School Acquisition

We are excited to announce that we have acquired the domain, which was formerly the website of a farming school that offered urban homesteading skills for all ages. This acquisition is part of our strategic vision to expand our online presence and reach more customers who are interested in animal feeds, supplements, and niche industry inputs.

About Seattle Farm School

Seattle Farm School was a community organization that believed in growing a strong, sustainable, and self-sufficient community by providing hands-on education in urban farming, craft, cooking, food preservation, and emergency preparedness skills for all ages. The school offered classes, workshops, events, and resources to help people learn how to grow their own food, make their own products, and live more harmoniously with nature. The school was founded in 2014 by Katie Stemp and had a team of talented and passionate teachers and advisors.

About is an online platform that provides reliable feeds, supplements, and more for animals and niche industries. We ship bulk feed to customers across the US from our network of suppliers and manufacturers. We offer a wide range of products, such as bulk brewers yeast, masters mix, soy hulls, dicalcium phosphate, yeast culture, and more. We also provide custom feed formulation and consulting services to help our customers optimize their animal nutrition and performance. We are committed to providing high-quality products at affordable prices and delivering excellent customer service.

We are thrilled to welcome to our family. We believe that this acquisition will enhance our brand recognition and credibility in the market. We also respect and appreciate the legacy of Seattle Farm School and its contribution to the urban farming community. We hope to honor their values and vision by continuing to provide useful information and resources on our website.