Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions, as a retailer with 15,000 products, we do not know these product like the manufactures do, so the best people to ask for product questions are the manufatures.

When ever possible we will list and like to addition product information and the websites or customer services numbers.


For shipment and shipping questions please try to first track orders using the tracking email and number first.


NOTE if UPS label is created and not yet shipped that means the product is on back order will be shipped as soon as we get it.

Route truck delivery normally take 4-8 days to be delivered and do not have a tracking # and we cant help with tracking, they are much cheaper and the trade off is speed and tracking, we are trying to be able to track them.

Warehouse pickup $10 is only available on some products from some warehouses.

Terminal pickup, this is when we ship a pallet to a local freight warehouse instead of shipping to your house with residential and liftgate charges, normally saves $150. You will still be charge the LTL rate calculated online when it is calculated without (R0 and (L) for residential and liftgate. When these orders are made we email you a paper called a BOL for you to print with the address for you to pick it up from.