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2 Piece Watering Nozzle

2 Piece Watering Nozzle

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2 Piece Watering Nozzle

This 2-piece nozzle set from Centurion Brands is designed for comfort, durability and ease of use for your different watering needs. One nozzle has a twist tip for precise stream or spray. The other has a 7-pattern dial that adjusts to SHOWER, JET, CENTER, FLAT, CONE, SOAKER, and MIST. Their lightweight design and water pressure control knobs gives you control over the water flow and puts less strain on your hand. The insulated soft grip handle is comfortable and will not easily slip out of your hands. Designed for beauty, comfort, durability and ease of use these nozzles will be perfect for all your different watering needs.

Features: A Water Pressure Control Knob Means That You Have Total Control Of The Water Pressure Being Released Through The Spray Nozzle - Insulated Heavy Duty Non-Slip Rubber Grip Handle Stays In Your Hand - Fits Most Standard Garden Hoses

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