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55# Zinpro Mineral AVAILA

55# Zinpro Mineral AVAILA

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  • A nutritional feed ingredient for animals that contains a combination of organic zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt

  • These trace minerals are required by animals for numerous functions

  • Including: immunity, reproduction, skin and hoof integrity, growth and muscle development, milk production, fiber digestion and energy metabolism

  • In addition, when an animal has the proper balance of trace minerals it is better able to cope with the challenging effects of stress

  • Built on a unique, patented molecule that consists of one metal ion bound to one amino acid ion called a metal amino acid complex

  • The most bioavailable trace minerals on the market, which means more of the minerals are absorbed by the animal to deliver their full benefit

  • Delivering positive animal performance responses and a strong return on investment in operations around the world for over 40 years.
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