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Availa -4 (Bainbridge, GA)

Availa -4 (Bainbridge, GA)

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The four trace minerals in Availa-4 — zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt — all play a role in improving beef cow reproduction performance.

  • Zinc helps to get a cow ready to conceive again by helping repair a cow’s reproductive tract after she goes through the inflammatory processes that occurs around parturition. After calving, the reproductive tract needs to go from being the support for a fetus to being ready for the next breeding season.
  • Manganese helps to mitigate inflammation. It plays an important role in the production of reproductive hormones and is key in egg production.
  • Copper plays a role in creating a shorter calving interval and is critical for early embryonic survival. Oftentimes, a cow gets bred but may not maintain that embryo, which will put her behind.
  • Cobalt plays into energy for beef cows. It is utilized in the rumen to increase forage fiber digestibility. Cobalt is also used in the rumen to synthesize vitamin B12, which gets absorbed and works in the liver for glucose production and energy metabolism. Better energy utilization of the forages contributes to maintaining adequate body condition.

Feeding performance trace minerals as part of a balanced diet can ensure that a cow has effective nutrients that contribute to profitable reproduction performance.

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