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Biotin 640 50 lb Bag For Dairy Cattle/Horses

Biotin 640 50 lb Bag For Dairy Cattle/Horses

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Biotin 640

Biotin is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin that is produced by the rumen microbes. New studies have shown biotin could be a limiting nutrient for high producing cows. Supplemental biotin can improve hoof health and hoof hardness. Studies have shown significant reductions of sole ulcers, heel erosion, heel warts, claw lesions, and sand cracks when biotin is supplemented (20 mg/day) for 8-12 months. Biotin is also a needed cofactor for body enzymes and many metabolic processes. Milk production responses to supplemental biotin have been seen.



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Cost Per Ton is $FOB (Freight Cost on Buyer) US Dollars.

Sold By FeedsForLess.Com Direct.

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