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Buffermin Cobalt Proteinate - (Quincy, IL)

Buffermin Cobalt Proteinate - (Quincy, IL)

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Buffermin Proteinates is a line of organic chelated mineral products designed as nutritional animal feed supplements that are safe to use and more effective than inorganic minerals or synthetic chelates. For example, dairy cows provide more milk output when chelated minerals (or mineral proteinates) are fed than when inorganic sulfate additives are used. Buffermin Proteinates contain less insoluble protein than other chelated products. Moreover, Buffermin Proteinates have a low average molecular weight that is more available for uptake and translocation in the animal. As with all our products, the Buffermin Proteinates have a relatively low heavy metal content which minimizes the contamination risk to your livestock. In addition, low heavy metal intake means low heavy metal manure which is better for the environment. 

The Buffermin Proteinates is a line of chelated trace minerals for animals. Metal proteinates are defined as the product resulting from the chelation of a soluble metal salt with amino acids and/or partially hydrolyzed protein (AAFCO 2018). Chelation is an encapsulation process that uses the amino acid or protein to make a shell around the mineral. This protective shell creates a molecule with a neutral charge that resists chemical interactions so that the mineral can pass through the body until well into the digestive tract. In this way, the animal’s stomach lining isn’t clogged with immovable trace minerals that interfere with absorption. B

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