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Buffermin Manganese Proteinate 15% (Marshall, TX)

Buffermin Manganese Proteinate 15% (Marshall, TX)

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BUFFERMIN MANGANESE PROTEINATE is the product resulting from the chelation of manganese with amino acids and/or partially hydrolyzed proteins as defined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. It is a nutritional animal feed supplement formulated to prevent and/or correct manganese deficiency in animals.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS Crude Protein, not less than......................25.0% Manganese (Mn), not less than.................15.0% INGREDIENTS: hydrolyzed protein, manganese sulfate, citric acid.

Directions and General Recommendations BUFFERMIN® MANGANESE PROTEINATE Amino Acids Chelated Manganese Product Information MANUFACTURED BY: JH BIOTECH, INC. P.O. Box 3538 , Ventura, CA 93006 U.S.A. Phone: 805-650-8933 Website: Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved 1106-D-Y-1 FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS

Mix 0.02 to 0.2% of BUFFERMIN MANGANESE PROTEINATE in the finished feed or consult your nutritionist. 


Store in dry, cool places. Avoid exposure to moisture, heat, and sunlight. 

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