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Cavalry 9

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Calvary 9

Calvary 9 recommended for the vaccination of healthy cattle 3 months or older as an aid in the prevention of Clostridium chauvoei (blackleg), Cl. Septicum (Malignant edma), Cl. novyi Type B (blackleg disease, necrotic hepatitis), Cl. haemolyticum (Bacilliary Hemoglobinuria - Red Water), Cl. sordellii, Cl. Tetani (Tetanus), and Cl. perfringens Types C&D.

Administration and Dosage: Inject 2 mL subcutaneously followed by 2 mL in 3 weeks.

Withdrawal: 21 days before slaughter

Safe for pregnant cows and calves nursing pregnant cows.

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  • Brand: Merck
  • Form: Injectable
  • Prevention Type: Blackleg, Tetanus



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