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DL-Methionine-(Quincy, IL)

DL-Methionine-(Quincy, IL)

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Today’s livestock producers are under pressure to boost performance. That means getting the most return from your animals and achieving the highest level of productivity at the lowest possible cost. This can be achieved only if the methionine source used is correctly supplemented. Yet in an industry that relies heavily on natural raw materials, inconsistencies are unavoidable. Everything that goes into the feed formulation affects the bottom line, and since all feed sources vary in their amino acid content, adding supplemental methionine requires precision.


MetAMINO® ensures the adequate supply of sulfur amino acids, particularly the essential methionine. Because methionine is first-limiting in typical poultry diets, its use has been well established for many years. Additionally, diets for piglets and growing pigs can show a considerable deficiency in methionine, especially when formulated to achieve low nitrogen excretion for ecological reasons. Such a deficiency can be conveniently compensated for by using MetAMINO®.

Some animals require methionine in an adapted form. For the aquaculture industry, Evonik’s dedicated DL-Methionine for AquacultureTM has smaller particles as a result of our crystallization process. Shrimp and prawns are bottom feeders, so feed pellets and extrudates must be stable in the water to perform. AQUAVI® Met-Met meets this requirement, and adds further value thanks to its unique properties: low leaching and slow release in the gut. To supply methionine to ruminants, Evonik offers its Mepron®, a rumen-stable form of methionine. 

Benefits of MetAMINO® at a glance

  • MetAMINO® significantly improves animal performance in poultry (broilers and layers), swine, fish and shrimp.

  • Supplementing with MetAMINO® reduces production costs through optimized feed conversion. It increases body weight gain and improves breast meat yield in broiler production.

  • MetAMINO® is a real amino acid with a purity of > 99%. Its much higher bio-efficacy and purity levels in comparison to liquid MHA-FA are the most important advantages of supplementing with DL-methionine.

  • Its fast and complete absorption guarantees high nutritional value, while good flowability makes it easy to mix in feed at any time during the mixing process. You'll experience reduced mill maintenance, no viscosity problems at low temperatures and high mixing homogeneity.

  • Supplementing with MetAMINO® enables you to address sustainability issues, as it leads to reductions in nitrogen excretions and carbon footprint.  

  • Evonik is the leading supplier of supplemental DL-methionine for the feed industry. MetAMINO® from Evonik is used in over 120 different countries on all continents. High-quality manufacturing processes enable us to offer a consistently excellent product.

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