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Mag Ox 54% 50 Lb Bag

Mag Ox 54% 50 Lb Bag

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Magnesium OXIDE 54%


  • 50 lb. bag.
  • Magnesium oxide is a source of magnesium (54 percent by weight) and functions as an alkalinizer.
  • It can increase uptake of milk fat precursors by the mammary gland. Solubility and particle size can affect rumen action.
  • Magnesium has always been essential in animal diets for normal appetite, growth and reproduction. Since forages and grains are often deficient in Magnesium, a supplemental source with high biological availability is important to assure top animal performance.
  • Magnesium Oxide (MgO) is the source most widely used in the feed industry due to its high concentration of Magnesium. Adequate magnesium is also vital in the prevention of grass tetany in cattle and sheep. This condition occurs frequently during grazing in the spring and fall.
  • Supplementing the forage with a mineral mixture containing readily available MgO provides the best protection against grass tetany.
  • MgO is also a very important component of rumen buffers and other dairy supplements. These additives are commonly used with higher producing cows that are fed extremely concentrated rations. When combined with sodium bicarbonate, MgO helps to improve the low butterfat content while maximizing milk production. Rations for feedlot cattle and swine include magnesium oxide as a nutritional source of Magnesium.
  • Some feeders report that magnesium supplements are even effective in reducing irritability – especially with swine and horses

Mix And Match Available! Create your own custom Pallet of any type of 50 Lb Bag of Feed and save on shipping cost. A full Pallet is (40 to 50) 50 lb bags.



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