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Mannamax - Live Active Yeast Certified Organic Nutritional Supplement 50 Lb Bags

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Mannamax combines the benefits of live active yeast and yeast cell wall extract in one product. Live active yeast has numerous proven benefits in the livestock industry in helping to prevent acidosis and stimulate growth of beneficial lactic acid consuming bacteria. Yeast cell wall extract improves growth and production in the livestock industry by enhancing the animal’s immune response and eliminating harmful bacteria from the gut.

Also available in an OMRI certified organic blend.

Key benefits

  • More cost-effective than competitors

  • Combines the immune support of both live yeast and yeast cell wall


  • 50 lb. Bags - $97.73 Quantity 40

  • 50 lb. Bags (OMRI certified) - $3,909.00, Quantity 40

  • Call for volume pricing

Inclusion Rate

  • Recommend on mature 1,400 lb. animal

  • .5 oz per head/per day




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