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Megalac-(Henderson, NC)

Megalac-(Henderson, NC)

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MEGALAC® consists of calcium salts of long chain fatty acids. This unique controlled-release energy source has a measured net energy of lactation value of 2.96 Meal/lb. Unlike conventional fat sources, MEGALAC does not interfere with rumen fermentation.

Product Specifications
Fat (as fatty acids) Min. 82.5% (typically 85%)
Calcium Min. 8.8%
Max. 10.6%
L.O.D. (moisture) Typically 3.0% – 4.0%


Calcium salts of long chain fatty acids
Ethoxyquin (as a preservative)

Energy Values

Net Energy of Lactation – 2.96 Meal/lb. (6.52 Meal/kg)


MEGALAC is a dry granular material that mixes well with all common feed ingredients. It does not melt or freeze, no matter how hot or cold the weather.

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