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Organic Roasted Soybeans Bulk By the ton. (Sheppard Grain)

Organic Roasted Soybeans Bulk By the ton. (Sheppard Grain)

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Organic Roasted Soybeans

High Quality organic soybean meal that has been flame roasted to neutralize the natural enzymes to make the soybeans more digestible to all livestock. We offer whole roasted soybeans and ground roasted soybeans.

Benefits of Roasting Soybeans

Soybeans are naturally rich in high energy oils, naturally well balanced with body-building protein, and naturally high in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Soybeans are an important source of protein in many animal feeds. Roasting soybeans before feeding them to your stock kills mold and other contaminants and makes the beans easier to digest.

Roasting ties up the protein in the fiber of the soybeans and allows the protein to be absorbed by the animal, therefore increasing the value of the feed itself. Soybeans contain two toxic enzymes, urease and lipoxdose that are neutralized by roasting. Dairy farmers feeding roasted soybeans can see the benefits through higher butter fat in their cows milk, higher longer peaks in milk production and better results in breeding and reproduction. Roasting soybeans started 20-some years ago as a means to reduce bypass protein in dairy rations.

Roasted Soybeans In Dairy Rations

Dairymen are reporting these results:

  • Increase in butter fat
  • Increased milk production on less feed
  • General improvement in herd health, appearance, less vet expense, healthier calves.
  • Cows fed whole heat-treated soybeans in early lactation produced about 800 pounds more milk per 305-day lactation than those fed soybean meal, according to a study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Shipping

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