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PELLETED WHEAT MIDDS 50 lb bags min order 5 bags

PELLETED WHEAT MIDDS 50 lb bags min order 5 bags

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Wheat midds are high in phosphorous, near 1%, and potassium. In addition, they are a good source of several trace minerals including copper, zinc, magnesium and selenium. Like most grains, wheat midds are low in calcium. Pay attention to calcium levels when high levels of wheat midds are fed. For example, calcium can be supplemented with the addition of ground limestone or a high calcium commercial feedlot mineral.
Cows fed wheat midds or a corn soybean meal mixture (both about 8 lbs/hd daily) gained more weight pre-calving than those supplemented with soybean meal (3 lbs/hd daily). The wheat midds appeared to be equal to a mixture of corn and soybean meal equivalent in protein content. North Dakota researchers have used diets of 16.7 pounds of wheat midds, 10.5 pounds of straw and 5.5 pounds of alfalfa/grass hay daily along with a vitamin/mineral supplement for lactating cows.

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