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PRO-VITA-MIN TUB (20% protein, 5.5% fat and no more than 5% crude fiber)

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    Protein-vitamin-mineral supplement for all classes of horses
    • Provide free-choice – An ideal product for meeting supplemental nutrient needs under conditions that make it difficult to individually supplement horses on a daily basis, such as with horses on pasture or range
    • Ideal for mature horses (gestating and lactating broodmares and leisure horses), yearlings, and two-year-olds
    • Reduces labor and amount of time needed to feed large groups of horses
    • Provides GROSTRONG® Minerals, a complete mineral-vitamin package of 28 minerals, vitamins and electrolytes (including salt) in appropriate ratios and amounts specifically formulated for horses
    • Multiple, high-quality protein sources
    • Two product options:
      • 20-5 (No. 11228; 20% protein, 5.5% fat and no more than 5% crude fiber); 1-2 lb daily consumption rate
      • 18-12 (No. 81658; 18% protein, 12% fat and no more than 4% crude fiber); 1-2 lb daily consumption rate
    • 100-lb tubs; 200-lb tub also available for 20-5 product
    • Vegetable fat sources supply highly digestible energy sources without effects associated with feeding large amounts of grain; 18-12 product also utilizes flaxseed for energy and is a source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids
    • 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio
    • No. 11228 only – Natural-source vitamin E for better bioavailability compared with synthetic vitamin E; needed for protection against oxidative tissue damage and immune system function; and may be especially important for working horses due to risk of exercise-induced muscle damage

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