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Sulfur (Flour) 99.4% S - (Quincy, IL)

Sulfur (Flour) 99.4% S - (Quincy, IL)

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Common Uses of Sulfur

This element is utilized in the creation of sulfuric acid. These are used in different industries. The element is used in the creation of steel and rubber. It is also included in the production of inorganic chemicals, matches, fumigants and glass. It is also used in explosives, cement, animal feed and adhesives. Fertilizers are also used. Producers of slat blocks, soil amendments, petroleum and sugar refining also use them.

Sulfur Powder

This form of the element has many applications. It is a vital component in dyes, fungicides and production of agrichemicals. It is also required in mineral extraction and waste water processing. Powdered sulfur is found in lotions and skin cream ingredients. Burned sulfur helps preserve fruits and bleach paper. The element is part of many creams, lotions and bar soaps. Many of the skin treatment ointment products in the market have this ingredient.

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