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Urea 46% feed grade (Bainbridge, GA)

Urea 46% feed grade (Bainbridge, GA)

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Cattle Feed Supplement

Product Description:

UREA FEED PRILL is a small diameter, spherical white solid. It is an organic molecule (amide) containing 46% nitrogen in the form of amine groups. UREA is infinitely soluble in water and is a benign and safe chemical to handle.

Application Recommendations

• The UREA micro-prill is added to cattle feed to boost the protein content. UREA is only a nutrient to animals with rumens that possess the urease enzyme which allows the metabolism of the chemical.

• UREA prill may also be used as a slow release fertilizer. It must be decomposed by microorganisms before it can be assimilated by plants.

• Consult your local fertilizer dealer for fertilizer applications of this product

Transportation, Storage and Handling

• UREA will decompose into ammonia and carbon dioxide at 275o F.

• ALWAYS wash vessels containing UREA thoroughly before attempting repairs requiring welding.

• Should a large spill of UREA micro-prill solution occur, ALWAYS restrict it from the drainage. The high nitrogen content (46%) may kill foliage if not diluted.

• UREA can be handled by the municipal water treatment facility if spilled in a municipality.

• NEVER allow UREA to come in contact with nitric acid. The resulting chemical is unstable and dangerous.

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