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By Pass Fat Pellets ADM Brand Enertia 50 Lb Bags (Calcium salts)

By Pass Fat Pellets ADM Brand Enertia 50 Lb Bags (Calcium salts)

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Enertia p/f (pelleted formula)
  • 84% crude fat and 8.4%-10% calcium
  • Key fatty acids: palmitic, oleic and linoleic
  • The preferred form for top‐dress feeding situations
  • Pellets readily flow through bins and auguring systems without the caking that may occur with some granular fats
  • Optimal level of linoleic acid for enhanced reproductive performance
  • 0.25 to 1 lb per cow daily

Enertia® Program
Rumen Inert Fat Supplements
The power of calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids . . . Enertia®, a dry, rumen inert (bypass) fat that has been produced from palm oil distillate by ADM, one of the world’s largest processor of vegetable oils. Calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids . . . .
  • A high-energy ingredient that is highly digestible in the small intestine
  • Does not interfere with rumen function (fermentation)
  • Provides an optimum fatty acid profile
  • Produced using proven rumen bypass technology
  • Ensures consistent, high-quality due to ADM’s integrated supply chain


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Cost Per Bag is $FOB (Freight Cost on Buyer) US Dollars.

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