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Bypass Fat 99 is a high-energy rumen bypass fat. This product is hydrolyzed?and has a total fat content of 95%. Due to a higher free fatty acids and?stearic content,?Bypass Fat 99?is the perfect choice to overcome energy deficiency. Bypass Fat 99 maintains a typical free fatty acid content of 80%?for high digestibility. Bypass Fat 99 has a higher total fat content of 95% compared to calcium salt products which tend to be in the 85% range. Bypass Fat 99 can be either top dressed or mixed in a TMR. Bypass Fat 99 will not lower dry matter intake. Bypass Fat 99 has a fatty acid profile with over 85% saturation. Recent studies have shown that highly saturated fats have a positive effect on milk components. Bypass Fat 99 is sold in high quality 50 lb. bags, 2,000 lb. totes and bulk.

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