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Coastal Brand Calcium & Poultry Shell

Coastal Brand Calcium & Poultry Shell

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Coastal Brand Calcium & Poultry Shell(Pullet size)

Feeding instructions
Hens have the ability to adjust their intake of calcium according to individual requirements. To provide birds the opportunity of balancing their own calcium needs, mix 100 pounds of pullet size shells to each ton of complete feed. Higher levels of shells may be needed depending upon feed formulations. If excessive amounts of shells accumulate in the feed troughs, reduce the level of added shells. This practice, referred to as, "In-Feed Free Choice Feeding of Calcium", has the following advantages:

1. Eliminates labor required in supplying free choice shells in separate feeders yet the hens still have the opportunity to balance their calcium needs.

2. Hens are not forced to eat more calicum than their individual requirements.

3. Pullet size shells are not as dusty or unpalatable as finely ground forms of calcium.

4. Reduces the separation of calcium associated with the handling of feeds using finely ground high density sources of calcium.

5. Maintanis free-flow characteristics of feed and help to prevent bridging and caking in bulk and automatic feeding equipment.

Guaranteed Analysis
Calcium Minimum 38.8%
Calcium Maximum 39.8%

Crushed Shell Calcium Carbonate
Oyster shell and Calcium.

50 lb

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