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Destiny Dairy Dry Cow Pellet 36% 50 Lb Bag

Destiny Dairy Dry Cow Pellet 36% 50 Lb Bag

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Destiny™ Dry Cow 36% Concentrate
  • Protein-vitamin-mineral supplement formulated for the far-off dry cow to supplement nutrients supplied by commodities, grains and forages
  • Plant-based protein sources along with a small amount of urea
  • Provides hydroxy trace minerals
  • Selenium yeast for more bioavailable selenium which is important for immune function
  • Partial natural-source vitamin E for better bioavailability compared with synthetic vitamin E and needed for protection against oxidative tissue damage and immune system function
  • 1.5 lb per head daily
  • Pellet



    Feed Location is Zip Code 17001

    Cost Per Bag is $FOB (Freight Cost on Buyer) US Dollars.(use Shipping Calculator Here)

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    Mix And Match 50 lb bags From Direct to make a 40 or 50 bag Pallet to lower the shipping cost per bag, lesser amounts are available but The $50 dollar a pallet shipping cost plus $.35 cents a loaded mile will still be charged for 5 bags or 50 bags!

    Cost Per Bag is $FOB (Freight Cost on Buyer) US Dollars.

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