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Feed Grade Prilled Urea (1 Ton/2,000 lbs) in 50 lb bags Madison Illinois

Feed Grade Prilled Urea (1 Ton/2,000 lbs) in 50 lb bags Madison Illinois

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Feed grade urea is a non-protein nitrogen supplement for ruminant animal feeds. It is produced by the reaction of ammonia with carbon dioxide. Urea is produced around the world, with a global capacity of over 100 million tons per year.

The majority of urea production is used in the form of granular fertilizer, which demands over 90% of production. FP&S focuses its efforts solely on supplying quality feed grade urea prills to our customer base. We do not supply or trade fertilizer grade material, as doing so could threaten the integrity of feed grade prills that we supply to our feed market.

Feed Products is setting a new standard in the urea market by ensuring quality prill size by using our RoTap rotary screening device for particle size analysis. In-house SGN determination allows us to quantitatively make certain we supply prills in an ideal size range.

Not only does Feed Products focus solely on feed grade material, we adhere to AFIA’s Safe Feed/Safe Food guidelines at our facilities. We ensure the material is suitable for our customers’ needs with policies that provide material free of foreign matter. We condition the material to reduce setting up/caking. We analyze material in our state-of-the-art laboratory to guarantee quality, limit formaldehyde levels to AAFCO requirements, and adhere to proper SGN sizing.

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