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Magnesium Sulfate 50 Lb Bag (Epsom Salt)

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Magnesium sulfate is an inorganic salt with the formula MgSO4(H2O)x where 0≤x≤7. It is often encountered as the heptahydrate sulfate mineralepsomite (MgSO4·7H2O), commonly called Epsom salt. The overall global annual usage in the mid-1970s of the monohydrate was 2.3 million tons, of which the majority was used in agriculture.[1]

Epsom salt has been traditionally used as a component of bath salts. Epsom salt can also be used as a beauty product. Athletes use it to soothe sore muscles, while gardeners use it to improve crops. It has a variety of other uses: for example, Epsom salt is also effective in the removal of splinters


Feed Grade Magnesium Sulfate Monohydrate

The product function:

Magnesium is one of the basic components of animal bones and teeth. Magnesium is the activator of many enzyme in the animal's body. Magnesium plays an extremely important role on substance metabolism and neural function.

Sulfur is essential in synthesis of protein and promotes activity of the enzyme in the metabolic process.

Feed grade Magnesium sulfate is one of an important animal feed additive, mainly used to supplement the animal body with magnesium and sulfur. Our feed grade Magnesium sulfate has good water solubility, good activity, stable quality , which can be easily absorpted by using high quality raw materials.

Sufficient Magnesium and Sulfur can promote animal growth, increase the production of meat, milk yield.


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