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Power Spray

Power Spray

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Power Spray
POWER SPRAY Liquid Spray Attractant is manufactured with POWER PUNCH flavoring and aroma enhancers to ensure these are the greatest tasting and strongest smelling attractants available today. THERE IS NO BETTER ATTRACTANT SYSTEM AVAILABLE - GUARANTEED!!! HOW IT WORKS - The POWER PUNCH food source scent attraction system of products. STEP 1 - (SITE PREPARATION) Feed deer any Nurta Deer product before or during season. All Nutra Deer products are all flavored with Nutra Deer's propriety POWER PUNCH flavoring and Aroma enhancers. Also, spray acorns, vegetation, standing crops or any natural food source with the POWER SPRAY attractant and train your deer to start searching for the smell of POWER PUNCH food sources. Once they have eaten a POWER PUNCH food product they will immediately recognize the smell and taste. Deer will learn to associate the smell and flavor of POWER PUNCH attractant with a food source. This means.... you have them trained to them to smell and seek out POWER SPRAY food sources. STEP 2 - (HUNTING) Spray the POWER SPRAY on or near existing bait sites few times exactly where you want a deer to stop once arriving to your stand. The easily recognizable smell of the POWER SPRAY will position the deer for a easy kill shot. POWER SPRAY works when there is no real food available to eat. You lure the deer to you with the POWER smell and flavoring. It's deadly - This revolutionary system all works off the highly attractive nature of POWER PUNCH flavoring. Train your deer to search for the smell of POWER PUNCH food sources and you will have the ultimate deer attractant.
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